Kiosks bring fun to in-store experiences

In Store Experiences


Interactive kiosks make learning more about a brand fun, appealing to independent and self-directed shoppers.

Today's consumers aren't thrilled about being manipulated by marketing. They are making independent decisions about what content to consume and controlling huge portions of the journey from early research to final purchase. This means that companies will have to step up their marketing tactics to meet individuals on their own terms. Instead of forcing shoppers to wade through blatant promotion when they don't want to, businesses can advance efforts by crafting interesting and fun experiences. This approach works both online and in-person. When it comes to making the retail showroom a place where learning about a brand is enjoyable, leaders can turn to interactive kiosks.

"Kiosks possess screens that attract attention from the moment people approach."

Rich multimedia experiences are fun
The need to be interesting and entertaining combined with consumers' independence may seem to present a huge problem for retailers. How can they be both hands-off and compelling? Kiosks answer that quandary with screens that attract attention from the moment people approach. These displays can show high-resolution images and videos that bring viewers over, and responsive touch interfaces mean interacting with the devices and learning more is simple and enjoyable. Several kinds of content can contribute to the positive experience.

  • Branded games: When it comes to making a brand experience fun, it's hard to beat an interactive game. Giant touchscreens ensure that playing is enjoyable rather than frustrating, and the ability for companies to add their own logos and other visual elements ensures that the brand is reinforced the whole time. Consumers who like these activities may stick around to inspect the more informational elements of the kiosk, but even if they don't, they've built a positive association with the company.
  • Interactive features: Retail websites today contain interactive components that allow users to customize products to their specifications. These experiences could be even better when transferred to a kiosk, as these devices have impressive, commercial-grade screens likely much better than the monitors visitors interact with on a daily basis. Shoppers could spend time creating a personalized version of an item and gain a sense of ownership.
  • Video and image galleries: Navigating between product pictures and videos with intuitive hand gestures may make the whole process more enjoyable for individuals, thus causing them to spend more time on research than they otherwise would. This requires no hands-on teaching from staff members, and it may suit the tastes of independent buyers who want to learn on their own.

"Having control over content adds interest."

Lighting up any sales area
The mere act of putting an interactive kiosk in a showroom could add an element of interest and fun that static information displays, or even digital signage, fail to convey. Having control over content can capture interest, and the ability to play games related to the brand can deepen this connection. Kiosks can even go beyond the store and add excitement to retailers' booths at events. In an era when shoppers have a plethora of options to choose from and will pick their own path through retailers' offerings, giving them a choice that is fun and engaging is a winning strategy.